Infinite Heart & Soul Coaching Sessions

Tailored and individual unique sessions based on your current journey and life challenge.

    In-person or online with Zoom

    75 minutes $150

    • Includes a 15 minute phone consult a couple days prior to each session to touch base about your current Life situation, and hone in on what your intention is for the session

    This will be a sacred time to dig deep and be Real. Examples of session themes: 

    • Devotional Self Care Mentoring 
    • Cultivating a Daily Spiritual Practice 
    • Spiritual Practice :  Breathwork, Embody practice, Movement practice, Energy flow practice, Meditate, Sacred Heart 
    • Ceremony Mentoring – plan, create, and assist with a themed ceremony to honor life challenges or initiations 
    • Divine Feminine: Sacred Woman in her Poise Mentoring

      Coaching Sessions

      Through Jennifer’s lifelong journey of initiations, challenges and spiritual growth  she offers tailored and personalized coaching sessions to a person in need of deep diving on their spiritual path. 

      The focus of Spiritual Path Coaching is on spiritual growth and transformation. Jennifer focuses on what juncture the client is in (the challenge needing to be addressed) to bring transformation and clarity.

      Spiritual Path Coaching sessions bring about embodiment, heart centeredness and clarity. This is an offering to go deeper to a place of genuine authenticity. 

      1 session of 90 minutes – $150

      For the Love of Ceremony

      We go through many life transitions, celebrations, challenges and even difficult initiations that we did not want. We can feel into and listen to the opportunity for change and growth these transitions and events bring forth, thereby cultivating a deeper sense of self authority and empowerment. 

      The intention of using ceremony/ritual is to let go of the old, signify a transitional time of your life, and to bring a deeper sense of acknowledgement to it.

      It marks a transition – and it is used to persuade your whole being, your cells, and your “lower self”, that you are indeed empowering yourself – that you are creating the life you visualize.

      Jennifer has used ceremony as a healing and transformative tool since 1997 when she was a caregiver and “bore witness” to her husband’s pain and suffering from a tragic car accident.

      Ceremony is based in feeling through the body and the heart center.  

      The elements – earth, air, fire, water, and space (ether) – are honored as are the directions. Jennifer will help guide you into setting an Intention and an Act of Empowerment. 

      There will be a fusion of sacred space, oracle use, smudging, affirmations, invocations, visualization, drumming, singing, and meditation to deepen into BEING and release the old to embrace the new.

      Questions or Inquiries

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