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Sacred Arts

Mindfulness Meditation Offerings

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Offerings

Stay Tuned for the Next Embodiment Workshop

This deep dive will provide a variety of tools and techniques to assist bringing vitality to your physical body, cultivate emotional balance, enhance mental clarity, and activate the flow of prana through the energy body

The practice of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, Dance, Mantra, and Relaxation will be fused throughout the day to cultivate and expand Awareness

Coaching & Reiki Offerings

1:1 Infinite Heart Reiki Sessions

90 minutes – $150

  • Session begins with a Heart Centering that may include a variety of techniques to cultivate awareness, self-inquiry, and embodiment
  • 45-60 minute Infinite Heart Reiki session.
  • Session completes with an Integration – a personalized guided meditation.
  • Option to have personalized meditation recorded

*If finances are a barrier – book a consult with Jen to discuss options

1:1 Infinite Heart & Soul Coaching Session

1 session of 75 minutes – $150

  • Includes a 15 minute phone consult a couple days prior to each session to touch base about your current Life situation, and hone in on what your intention is for the session
  • This will be a sacred time to dig deep and be Real. 
  • In-person or online with Zoom

    *If finances are a barrier – book a consult with Jen to discuss options

    Go Deep & Transform Infinite Heart & Soul Coaching Sessions

    3, 6, or 9 Multi Session Packages for reduced prices as follows:

    • 3 sessions Package – $400
    • 6 sessions Package – $750
    • 9 session Package – $1050

    *If finances are a barrier – book a consult with Jen to discuss options

    “I had the pleasure of receiving an Infinite Heart Reiki Session from Jenn, and it was absolutely beautiful!”

    “Her heart energy is all encompassing; nurturing, grounding and guided me back to a place of wholeness; physically,  mentally and emotionally.  Her intuition was on point as the Divine Feminine energy flowed through her. I feel empowered, clear, balanced and grateful!  I highly recommend booking a session with her!”
    Cindy Lang Drayton Valley,  AB

    “I had such a beautiful day with you. Thanks for providing such a wonderful workshop.” A.S.

    “Jenn is a Beautiful Bright Light who approaches life heart-centered.

    She is passionate for continued personal growth.

    She is anchored in a deep feminine spiritual path. 

    Grateful for Jenn’s creative intuition, she is a true gem!”

      Lisa R

      “Just want to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga workshop with you. It was refreshing to have a different instructor and you are a breath of fresh air.  

      I would definitely attend another of your workshops and I’ve been telling my friends how enjoyable the experience was.” S.T.

      Discernment & Clarity

      Get in touch with your true innate beingness

      Reverence & Sacredness

      Honour yourself with loving divine intention

      Full Spirited & Full Bodied

      Becoming whole and present in the now

      What I Believe In

      I believe that NOW more than ever, with all the complexities of our post modern life, that we need to find a connection with ourselves – with our genuine ground of authentic being. 

      I believe that this process is deeply personal as we are dynamic, evolving, ever-changing feeling and spiritual beings. 

      This process involves connecting with and appreciating nature, it involves connecting with our bodies and listening to our body sensations and messages (body wisdom), it involves a connection with our hearts and listening to our Inner Truth, and it involves building friendships, family, and community

      It involves a creative process of “awakening” to our potential, believing in ourselves, and embracing wholehearted living, loving, laughing, and learning! 

      We are currently in an unprecedented and complicated time of the evolution of our humanity. Our technological, fast-paced, consumer hungry culture presents itself in many subtle ways. There are times in life when we are pushed to our edge with difficult personal challenges, grief, divisiveness, challenging relationships. It takes daily courage, compassion, grace & grit, inner strength, and radical honesty to show up for ourselves over and over again, and to rise up consciously.  It’s hard work. It’s personal work. It’s relationship work. It’s transformational work. It’s self-discovery and self-realization work. 

      I believe that it is up to us to influence ourselves to remain receptive, self-friendly, and open to change. It’s important to cultivate our intuition, listen to our body/gut instinct, connect with our infinite heart, and use our imagination/higher mind. At times we may be called to get out of our comfort zones and try something different because that is where healing and growth happens.  

      I am deeply appreciative for all the obstacles, relationships, and initiations that have turned into the biggest teachers in my life.

      I embrace gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

      I give thanks to all my relations – both my bloodline and soul’s path.  

      Blessed be your Life Journey

      Jennifer Ann Fanjoy

      6 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Course

      The 6 week Mindfulness & Meditation Course will be a thorough introduction to mindfulness meditation. All sesions are Thursday evening on Zoom. 

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